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The Claim History screen gives you the ability to filter claim history with a high level of control and precision. For example, you can:

  • Look for specific types of claims created in a particular date.
  • View a list of claims created in a certain time range.
  • Find all the claims printed in the office.
  • Find all claims for one account or patient.
  • Find older claims that may have been unpaid, paid but not closed, or left on Hold and forgotten.

Claim History opens to a pre-filtered (default) screen that includes all patients. It also includes all New, Pending, and Open claims. The Claim History default screen does not display Preauths.

When you change filter settings, you MUST press the “Apply” button (upper right corner of the screen) to make the changes appear on your screen.


For Example:

  1. To see all claims on Hold, uncheck New, Open and Pending.
  2. Click on Hold to select.
  3. Click Apply.
  • Use the drop down arrows and the “looking glass” button for more filtering options.
  • Press the “Reset” button (upper right corner of the screen) to return to default filter settings.
  • Note: Each time you close it the Claim History screen it will automatically reset to the default.
  • Arrange a column to appear in alphabetical, chronological or numerical order by clicking on the name bar at the top of each column.
  • Click on the name bar again to reverse the order.


To Open a Dental Claim:

Locate the claim in Claim History and double click.


To Print a Dental Claim:

Click to highlight the claim, click the Reports button, and choose Print Claim as Dental.


Double click to open the claim.

From here, you can use the Remarks Printed on Claim section, change a Treating Provider, or change the Status of the claim. Select each tab to see which options are available.


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