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Eva_sensors_dental_X-ray2Get a higher return on your investment with EVA sensors from ImageWorks

Looking for a digital X-ray system that delivers big value? EVA by ImageWorks is backed by thousands of successful installations.

The EVA Digital Intraoral X-Ray System delivers high-quality dental X-rays with a durable sensor that will last through countless patients, giving you a higher return on investment.

Easy-to-use EVA digital sensors are just a few millimeters thin, in sizes nearly identical to traditional adult- and child-sized films. With more than 10 years of experience, EVA’s digital intraoral X-ray system was named a top 100 product by Dentistry Today in 2011.


Interested? Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to check out EVA sensors first hand.


Great value for your practice

Enjoy a high return on investment. The EVA Digital Intraoral X-Ray System offers incredible value for all types and sizes of dental practices, from single-chair offices to large dental chains. Simply purchase one EVA digital sensor and a few inexpensive USB stations, and you can easily use EVA to service multiple operatories.


The EVA digital radiography system also comes with:

  •  EVAsoft software
  •  Unlimited licenses
  •  Free lifetime technical support
  •  A two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  •  EVA-Guard for protection with no questions asked



A reliable and durable dental X-ray system

Dentists love EVA dental X-ray equipment because it’s been tested and proven, over and over again, by tens of thousands of dental practices. EVA digital sensors are rugged, with a CMOS imaging chip designed for maximum durability. Your investment is protected, patient after patient, with impact-resistant housings built to minimize damage.


 High-quality digital X-ray imaging

EVA digital sensors give you crisp, clear dental X-rays with virtually any intraoral X-ray. You can count on consistent image capture, translating into fewer retakes that save staff time and make the digital X-ray imaging process faster for your patients.



Easy to use

The EVA Digital Intraoral X-Ray System fully integrates with DAISY practice management software, as well as other major vendors. The system is designed to make it easy to attach dental X-rays directly into electronic claims, and the software automatically saves images for you. Enjoy more speed and more convenience with easy plug-and-play technology that gives you the ability to swap sensors between computers.


Check out EVA sensors first hand

Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to learn more about EVA digital sensors and how to enjoy a seamless, cost-effective and worry-free transition to a fully digital practice.