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Five things to consider before you invest in digital X-ray equipment:


1311889579_key_1 You will save thousands

DMC has secured the lowest price in the market for your digital equipment needs. When you purchase your digital X-ray system through us, you’ll save thousands over the most recognized dental brands in the country.


1311889808_key_2 DMC won’t let your practice become outdated

The days of chemical darkrooms, long exposure times and the painful process of reproducing and archiving X-rays are over. Today’s patients expect to find up-to-date, modern technology when they visit your practice. When you go digital with DMC, you’re creating a perception of expert, high quality treatment for patients, and you’re increasing your office’s efficiency, saving you time and money.


1311889825_key_3 DMC ensures a smooth transition for your entire office

When you go digital or improve your current equipment the implementation needs to be run smoothly and efficiently. As your personal digital integration expert, DMC takes care of everything from reviewing the needs of your unique operatories to integration with existing hardware and equipment. Our commitment to you starts with a comprehensive plan built around your specific needs and goals and ends with the assurance that our staff is your first line of support.


1311889838_key_4 Increase patient satisfaction immediately

When you go digital, you’ll have an entirely new experience to offer your patients. DMC fully installs and tests everything in addition to ensuring that you and your staff are fully trained and supported from day one. We take care of everything so that you can focus on making sure your patients benefit from your ability to instantly show them your findings in a way they can easily understand.


1311889939_key_5 DMC only offers state-of-the-art digital equipment

Image quality with DMC’s digital X-ray system is as good, if not better than traditional film. Plus you and your patients can view the images immediately on a chair side monitor or on a stand-alone PC. In addition to the quality and speed, the best digital equipment reduces exposure to X-rays by as much as 90% compared to traditional X-ray equipment. All of these things add up to give your patient real value creating trust in you and your practice.


Schedule an in-office consultation or contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to learn more about a seamless, cost-effective and worry-free transition to a fully digital practice.