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  • HIPAA Compliance Enhancements
    • HIPAA Hotkey - Toggle whether Patient information shows in the Schedule View with the HIPAA hotkey: Ctrl-H.
      • Pressing Ctrl-H will show or hide Patient information in the schedule.
      • This feature is also available from the Schedule menu: View | Toggle Patient Info.
      • Note: This does not affect the printed schedule. Printing is controlled separately by the Print Schedule View Report dialog.
    • Password Reset Reminder - Many HIPAA compliance plans suggest changing passwords on a regular basis.
      • DAISY will now remind users to change the password from time to time.
      • This is configured per practice. To change the configuration, open the DAISY Practice screen.
      • Under the System Defaults tab, choose how often to remind staff to reset passwords.
      • For example: Change password every 90 days.
      • After 90 days, each staff member will get a reminder to change their DAISY password when they log in.
      • Selecting 0 days disables the password reminder.
  • Claim History Filter Settings
    • Claim History filter settings are now saved per user, per workstation.
    • This allows Claim History to remember the way you were using it last time.
    • If, for some reason, you want to reset the Claim History filters to the default settings, the [Reset] button is still available.
  • Expanded Goal Tracking
    • Added the AR Activity pie chart to Goal Tracking. To view either AR Activity or Scheduled Production, use the DAISY menu to choose Appointment | Goal Tracking and then the appropriate graph.
    • AR Activity pie chart
      • Shows Charge, Payment and Adjustment activity for the month
      • Use the navigation buttons to view previous months, or jump to a specific date
      • Double-clicking on a wedge of the pie will drill into details. For example, double-clicking Payments will show a pie chart of Check, Visa, EFT and other payments. Use the [Back] button to return to the top level.
    • Scheduled Production bar graph
      • Shows production per week for future and past appointments
      • View by month or week
      • Display total production for the time range
      • Totals and views can be filtered by Provider or by Resource
  • Miscellaneous
    • The process for creating a ledger claim has been changed to recognize when the Performing Provider should be the Treating Provider (Tracker #15897).
    • The bridge to Panda Perio contains the Account Provider name (Tracker #15901)
    • The DAISY ERA process has been enhanced to recognize when a payment refers to multiple service dates (DTM01=150) (Tracker #15900).
    • Fixed a bug with "error 515" when filtering the Provider Distribution Summary report (r2120.rpt) (Tracker #15906)

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