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electronic_dental_claimsFaster insurance claim processing by submitting claims electronically puts money back into your practice sooner

When your dental practice receives claim payments faster, that gives a big boost to your bottom line. DAISY’s electronic insurance claims submission feature saves you time by automating the claims submission process, accelerating cash flow.

DAISY makes it easy for your dental practice to submit electronic claims. In addition, DMC will print and mail any claims that cannot be sent electronically.

DMC also does the sorting between electronic and paper submissions — so you don’t have to.

1311631293_checkEasy and time-saving

At the end of the day, your office staff simply initiates the transfer of claims information through DAISY. As a result, your dental practice can reduce labor costs by eliminating paperwork and freeing up staff from the time-consuming tasks of stuffing, sorting and stamping mail.


1311631293_checkReceive payments faster

DMC uses direct connections to major insurance companies. Leveraging these channels means that your claims go through faster, and your dental practice receives payments sooner.


1311631293_checkAccess to over 400 dental insurers

An all-payer solution, DAISY has access to large dental payers nationwide. That makes it even easier to submit claims, which means faster claims processing and faster payment.


Prices vary based on the number of submissions. To find out how much your average monthly claims processing investment will be request pricing information today.


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