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Make insurance payments posting a breeze with ERA 835 features for DAISY.

Insurance payments posting of dental claims can be a real chore. The remittance process is often stressful, boring and time-consuming — not to mention error prone.

First, you have to look up each account, then manually type in all of the relevant data along with any notes related to the claim. And, of course, when adjustments occur, all of those details must be entered into the system as well.

The whole process can be stressful, boring and time consuming — not to mention error prone.

The DAISY Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Quick Post system eliminates the hassle of posting insurance payments. With this time-saving service, your dental office can receive Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from insurance companies in electronic format. It even allows some payors to send electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments.

Integrated into your DAISY system, ERA Quick Post allows you to post payments quickly and easily using just a few keystrokes. Instant access to patient records streamlines front desk tasks and gives you more time to deliver great customer service to patients.

DAISY's ERA Quick Post feature is:

  • Stress-free. Patient EOBs are at your fingertips, eliminating long waits on the phone or at the front desk.
  • Quick. ERA Quick Post eliminates most of the manual data entry, so posting is fast and easy. Automatic. ERA Quick Post automates the posting process and gives you total control — without all the usual paperwork.
  • Accurate. Balancing errors become a thing of the past — and you no longer need to spend time checking and double checking your work.
  • Simple. The front office can flag payments for follow up, print a paper EOB or PDR for an individual patient that looks just like what you get on paper today, and send an electronic version of that EOB to a secondary payer for Coordination of Benefits (COB).


DAISY’s ERA Quick Post feature works with more than 140 insurance companies, including ODS and Regence. For a complete list of all payors currently offering electronic data and payments through ERA Quick Post, please visit

Enroll in the ERA Quick Post service for DAISY today for only $29.95 a month.

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