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vatech pax-iDigital dental radiography for orthodontics, at an amazing price


For an excellent return on your investment, step into digital pan and ceph with the Vatech PaX-i. Now you can offer high-quality, digital X-rays with low radiation and outstanding image quality, all at a low price that fits into your practice’s budget.

From industry leader Vatech, this digital X-ray equipment has been optimized for the dental diagnostic imaging needs of orthodontists and general practitioners.


Affordable digital 2D pan and 2D ceph

Are you looking for a good entry into digital radiography? The Vatech PaX-i gives you affordable digital diagnostic technology from the world’s leading manufacturer of digital radiography cone beam equipment. DMC is offering this product at a very competitive price.


Superior image quality for orthodontics

The PaX-i gives you the most precise and high-quality panoramic X-rays with advanced imaging technology from Vatech. For ceph, Vatech’s innovative SC scanning provides excellent images for orthodontic diagnoses. It also features metal artifact reduction (MAR) technology to produce even crisper, clearer images. Plus, Vatech’s low radiation pulse technology reduces your patients’ exposure to radiation, without sacrificing image quality.


Easy to add to your practice

With two dedicated sensors for pano and cephalometric, the PaX-i helps to streamline your workflow, saving you time with 2-in-1 functionality. The machine’s compact size and lightweight design makes it even easier to install.


Choose an option for one-shot ceph

The Vatech PaX-i is also available as a one-shot ceph version. xray specialist consultation for more details about this option.