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digital radiography for dentists

DMC will help you select the right digital X-ray systems at the best possible price

When it’s time to upgrade your dental X-ray systems, let the experts at DMC guide you.

DMC will recommend the best-fit digital radiography equipment for your practice, help you integrate your new systems and provide training and support — all while saving you the time it would take to research hundreds of product details and reducing your cost by potentially thousands of dollars, thanks to DMC’s direct relationship with manufacturers.


Advantages of digital radiography

Wondering what the advantages of digital radiography can bring to your practice? Digital X-ray imaging can deliver a higher quality of care to your patients, give you better X-ray image quality to work with, eliminate the need for chemical developers and improve efficiencies across your entire office. Learn more about why there’s never been a better time to invest in new dental X-ray imaging equipment.

Digital radiology equipment


Top digital X-ray systems

Researching dental X-ray systems takes time — and lots of it. Let DMC save you the legwork. We’ve compiled a list of the top dental X-ray systems on the market, including digital X-ray sensors, 3D imaging and intraoral cameras. Read our list of top picks, and then contact DMC to learn more about which digital radiography equipment works best for your practice.

Digital radiology equipment


Why DMC? Five things you need to know

Did you know that DMC can save you thousands of dollars on your dental X-ray imaging equipment? Or that DMC can take care of every aspect of your upgrade to a digital practice, from product recommendations to integration and support? Before you purchase digital radiography equipment, make sure you consult DMC.

Digital radiology equipment


Pain-free digital X-ray system upgrades

Don’t let old dental radiography equipment cause you to waste any more of your resources. It’s time to upgrade, and DMC can help — from start to finish. Let DMC experts help you select the right digital X-ray system, computer hardware, networking, monitor placement, and more. We’ll also provide training and support so you can make the smoothest transition possible to your new digital practice.

Digital radiology equipment