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data_backupSave time by automating data backup, patient communications and more   

Treating patients is top on your list. But there’s a lot of other work that goes on behind the scenes of your dental practice.

When you increase efficiencies in your office, you can get more work done in less time — and that means you can focus more on your patients. Turn to DMC for automated data backup services that keep your information safe, patient communications and patient recall cards that require minimal effort on your part, and patient billing software that makes a monthly chore easier.


Data backup and protection

Keep your data safe — no extra thought required. DMC’s Redundant Backup Solution offers automated, transparent back-up of all your selected data. And because you get both onsite and offsite data backup, you always have an identical copy if anything happens to the original backup. Plus, your data is monitored by DMC, so you don’t have to think twice about it.


Patient communication

Build more personal relationships through effective communication with patients, without having to take time away from your practice. WEO Media is our online marketing services partner, helping you reach out to your patients and stay connected.

WEO Media can provide you with e-newsletters, online patient surveys, reputation management and online secure forms. All these services make you look more professional, help you stay in touch, and enhance your reputation.



Electronic prescribing

Integrate electronic prescribing into DAISY and elevate patient safety, prescription security, and efficiency. DAISY

eRx empowers dentists with rapid access to each patient’s prescription record and potential contraindications, triggering alerts when drug interactions are found.

electronic prescribing


Electronic payments processing

DAISY InCharge is fully integrated with DAISY, eliminating the need for your staff to keep two different systems in balance. Set up automatic recurring credit charges, and get daily gross deposits to your bank account. Fees are deducted at the end of the month, giving you the advantage of cash flow.

With DAISY InCharge, you won’t need costly maintenance or point-of-sale equipment or phone lines. One streamlined card reader saves you desk space and makes clutter a thing of the past.

electronic payments processing

Patient statements

However cumbersome the process, your dental practice simply can’t operate without monthly patient billing. But DMC can make the chore less painful. DAISY lets you generate patient statements throughout the month or automate dental billing along with monthly closing. Your staff saves time, making your office more productive.

DAISY’s Statement Manager features a one-page screen to preview statements before printing. Plus, statements are automatically archived — no manual filing required!



Claims processing

DAISY’s claims features save you time by automating lengthy tasks, and they bring money back into your dental practice sooner. DAISY makes it easy for your dental practice to submit electronic claims for processing.

For payers who don't accept electronic claims, DMC will process your paper claims for you — printing and mailing the paperwork, so you don't have to.


Patient recall cards

Your patients are busy. Time for a cleaning and check-up? Let them know with friendly recall cards! Let DMC print, mail and track your patient recall cards from within DAISY’s Recall Manager.