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EMV-Compliant Credit Card Processing

  • Register or remove an EMV terminal
  • EMV terminals can be used for Sales or Voids
  • Handle partial authorizations for terminal and wallet sales
  • Added EMV Payments to Quick Estimate menu
  • Estimated patient responsibility can automatically populate the EMV dialog
  • Force Settlement for EMV terminal

Appointment Scheduling

  • The Appointment Detail now shows primary and secondary subscriber IDs
  • When selecting TP procedures into the appointment detail grid, completed treatment plan procedures no longer show on the list
  • Fixed problem with printing schedule "...continued"

Accounts & Patients

  • If an Account is marked for collections you cannot accidentally edit the Financial Arrangement
  • On the Account and Patient windows, there is a quick access button to Reassign Patient Coverage
  • It is easier to replace the primary and secondary guarantors. Use the menu (Edit | Swap Guarantors) to move the secondary guarantor to the primary position.
  • The Patient History screen shows the patient’s phone number


  • The Delayed Bleeding dialog has been reworked to be more user-friendly
  • In Perio charting there are new keyboard shortcuts for the perio exam toolbar buttons
    • Full View (Ctrl-V)
    • Pocket Depth (Ctrl-D)
    • Bleeding (Ctrl-B)
    • Delayed Bleeding (Ctrl-G)


  • On the Claim window, the length of In-office claim notes is increased
  • When creating a Rebill claim, the "Get Rebill Procedures" dialog box is sizeable (size is not maintained)
  • When created a Ledger claim, the "Create Ledger Claim" dialog box is sizeable (size is not maintained)
  • A Patient History QA button has been added to the Claim window

Practice configuration

  • New Location types have been added
  • Editing the Location NPI updates all Provider's Site NPI numbers (Type II) for that location

Fee Schedules

  • Fixed the problem with updating fee schedules where it would round up the amount
  • Fixed the category for CDT procedure D4346
  • Changed procedure D6081 to require only a tooth

Report changes

  • Aging Report (R2100) can be configured to show Statement Messages. Adds the Statement Message and Statement Message edit date to the report as a new detail row. The word “messages” must be in the report title (not case sensitive)
    • Example1: Do not show messages when the title is "Account Aging"
    • Example2: Show messages when the title is "Account Aging w/Stmt Messages"
    • Example3: Show messages when the title is "Account Aging w/messages"
  • The Account Ledger report (R2140) now displays the comments for payments, adjustments and charges
  • The Visit Summary and Visit Summary with Patient Responsibility (R2142) now contain the Provider Broadcast
  • The Insurance Rollover date appears on the User Defined Route Slip (R1027ole.rpt)
  • The Insurance Rollover date appears on the Appointment Route Slip (R3015)
  • The Patient Demographics report (R1020.rpt)
    • Timeframe filter- Filter for production within a given time frame
    • New Patient filter- Filter for patient added within a given time frame
    • Fixed the problem where the report could generate an error 515, error in formula <cntAccount>
  • The Treatment Plan report now displays the patient's primary phone number for appointments (R2002)
  • The Patient Profile report (R1003) now
    • Displays the Subscriber DOB
    • Shows an asterisk next to the Primary Phone Number for Appointments
  • The Activity Log report (R1101) now includes deleted users on the User
  • The Referral Detail report (R1009), now
    • Includes the last DOS for the patient
    • Sorts by last name instead of first name
  • Corrected Patient Recall Letter mail merge document so it works when filtering for NextCalendarMonth
  • The Account Profile report (R1002) now contains the Insurance Company name
  • Customized report titles now show for the following reports:
    • Account Aging (R2100)
    • Account Aging w/Provider Detail (R2102)
    • Patient List (R1004)
    • Recall by Patient (R1011)



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