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Patient scheduling software
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The most powerful and efficient patient scheduling system for dentists

Your dental practice lives by its schedule. Without it, it would be impossible to plan your day, accommodate emergency patients, stay organized  and deliver exceptional service.

DAISY front office dental software offers the most intuitive way to keep your schedule front and center, with features that streamline patient scheduling, follow-up and other tasks. It’s also easier to use than most other software.

Request a free demonstration and discover which DAISY features will have the biggest impact on your profit, overhead and productivity.

Appointment scheduling software

DAISY’s patient scheduling software will simplify every appointment task. DAISY sets the standard as the most powerful and efficient patient scheduling system on the market today.

With DAISY appointment scheduling software, you’ll never have to purchase an appointment book again or strain to read handwritten details. It also ensures fewer errors than spreadsheet or word processing systems.

Plus, DAISY is accessible to everyone in the office at the same time, making your patient scheduling system more efficient than ever.


Patient scheduling softwarePatient scheduling integrated into DAISY

With DAISY, your appointment scheduling system ties directly into your DAISY dental practice management software, so you don’t have to enter patient information more than once. When you update tasks in the schedule book, DAISY automatically updates other records in your system. And finding appointments is easy — just type the patient’s name and get all the information you need in seconds. Plus, you can easily generate charges at check-out, all from the schedule.

See the appointment finder screen


Appointment scheduling softwareQuick access to records

It’s never been easier or more intuitive to work directly out of your schedule. Simply keep your schedule open all day, and click on the quick access icons to open the ledger, patient chart or X-rays associated with an individual patient. From the appointment window, you can see appointment details, procedures, the account and patient information.

You won’t have to navigate through menus, and your daily calendar stays open, so you can always go right back to where you left off. That’s just one of the many unique, time-saving features DAISY offers over other software programs.

See the quick access icons


Patient scheduling softwareOn-screen organizer

Use DAISY’s on-screen organizer to easily track canceled appointments, pending appointments and your short-call list. The organizer serves as your storage area for managing unscheduled appointments, so your office can always stay on top.

See the on-screen organizer


Appointment scheduling softwareAppointment templates

Create templates for your most common appointment formats. Templates standardize appointment booking and eliminate the need to retype the same information every time a new appointment is created. And because templates keep descriptions consistent, they reduce errors and minimize confusion.

Once you create templates, they are stored in the organizer. When you book a new appointment, simply drag and drop your chosen template directly onto the schedule and fill in the blanks with patient information. It’s that easy!

See an appointment template


Appointment scheduling softwareAutomatically synchronize recall

DAISY’s hands-free patient recall synchronizes your appointment book to your recall notification list. While you’re working in the schedule, DAISY automatically adds the patient name to the scheduled recall list, so you don’t have to update it yourself.

As part of DAISY, you get advanced patient recall software that shows you the type of recall; last, due and scheduled dates; last notified date and other useful information. That’s just one of the ways DAISY makes it easy to keep up-to-date on patient appointment reminders.

See the patient recall screen


Appointment scheduling softwareBest Fit scheduling

Search for the best appointment available for both the patient and the doctor. Best Fit lets you quickly find the next open appointment based on time and day of the week to fit not only the doctor’s schedule, but the patient’s preference as well.

See the Best Fit scheduling screens


Appointment scheduling softwareAt-a-glance notifications

On the appointment and see icons that show you the patient’s medical, financial and appointment status at a glance. Know immediately whether the patient has insurance or an overdue balance, or if recall is due. Click on each icon in any open appointment to go directly to a more detailed screen, without ever having to leave the schedule.

See the at-a-glance patient notification icons


Appointment scheduling softwareTrack lab work and follow-up

No more leaving your desk to check on lab work. Lab tracking, follow-up tracking, pre-medication prescription information and other details are all accessible in one easy place.

See the lab work tracking screen


Appointment scheduling softwareFlexible schedule configuration

Easily configure your dental practice’s schedule for recurring patterns, even years in advance. With other software, you may be locked into a routine schedule that’s difficult to change for just a few days or week. But DAISY accommodates a more realistic schedule.

For example, configure the schedule for a dentist who does not work Fridays, a hygienist who only works afternoons, summer hours or vacations. The calendar automatically shifts to accommodate your unique schedule.


Appointment scheduling softwareCustomizable schedule viewing

Unlike other scheduling software, DAISY lets you customize the way you view your schedule. Choose color-coding for different appointment types (such as red for emergency, blue for exams, etc.) and view multiple columns side-by-side on your daily calendar to see coinciding appointments.

DAISY gives you more control so you can work with your schedule the way you want.

See the DAISY schedule screen


Appointment scheduling softwareMultiple views

View only a single doctor’s appointments, only hygienist appointments or both schedules together. If you’re operating a practice with multiple locations, you can see schedules for each location or combine them into one easy-to-view schedule.


Appointment scheduling softwareGenerating and posting charges as patients leave

With one click you can generate charges for all the procedures associated with the appointment, as you check the patient out.


Appointment scheduling softwareEasy route slips

Quickly and easily print route slips directly from the schedule by provider, for an individual patient or for the entire day. Route slips contain at-a-glance patient information, appointment details, insurance information, account balance, medical alerts and treatment plans.

See a sample routing slip


Appointment scheduling softwareGoal tracking

Attach procedures to appointments to easily set and track production goals, keeping your dental practice on track to profitability. DAISY shows you the scheduled or actual dollar-value production totals for the day, week or month. You can also track doctor and assistant time.

See the goal tracking screen


Appointment scheduling softwareTrack history and set permissions

DAISY practice management software automatically tracks activity by user so you can always see who schedules or moves appointments. You can also set access level controls for each staff member, reducing the chance that an appointment is deleted by accident.

See the history and permissions screen


Appointment scheduling softwareHIPAA compliant

Ensure your office meets HIPAA regulations. DAISY lets you show a petients full name, first name only or no name on printed documents and the on-screen calendar. The on-screen calendar can be set up to vary by work station.


How can DAISY’s patient scheduling software help you save time, stay on top of appointments and streamline your daily work flow? Request a free demonstration and discover which DAISY features will have the biggest impact on your profit, overhead and productivity.

Appointment scheduling software