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What’s New in DAISY 4.3

Auto Updates

DAISY 4.3 has a new feature called Auto Updates, which changes the way DAISY software is installed on your network.

In previous versions of DAISY, both the software application and database were installed on the server. Workstation computers accessed DAISY over the network. Starting with version 4.3, the DAISY application resides on each server and workstation, while the database remains only on the server. This new installation method improves overall DAISY performance.

How It Works

With DAISY 4.3 Auto Updates, installation is a two-step process:

  1. Install the DMC Updater. This software utility enables your system to automatically receive DAISY 4.3 and future DAISY updates.
  2. Install the DAISY application onto the workstations. Installation of the application on the workstations takes place only once as part of the 4.3 update. Future updates will download to your system and install automatically.

Other Enhancements and Fixes


  • Graphics for existing, planned and completed restorations are now hidden when a tooth is extracted.
  • When a new condition or treatment plan procedure is charted on top of an existing or completed restoration, a colored border will display around the surfaces of the previous restoration graphic.
  • Graphics for Class V restorations now appear at the gumline.


  • Inactive patients are automatically excluded from the HIPAA Exceptions report (R1051).
  • The Previous Balance amount now prints on the Visit Summary reports (R2142 and R2143) above the detail items.
  • The 4-digit zip code extension is now included in the provider address on the claim form (R2211).
  • In addresses, the "care of" information now always shows on the second line of an address label.
  • Insurance payments posted for $0.00 with no associated check ID now show the insurance company as the payor instead of the guarantor on the Payments report (R2106).
  • The Tx Plan Proc. Not Done and Tx Plan Status reports (R2003) now show percentages for proposed and accepted treatment for each patient, each provider and a grand total.
  • The Route Slip (R1027ole) and the Appt. Route Slip (R3015) now show the patient cell phone and email address.


  • Single digit entry of day or month dates in eRx are automatically converted to the appropriate two digit number (i.e. 12/5/12 becomes 12/05/12).

Perio Charting

  • Chant Speechkit 7 has been implemented to improve voice performance in voice activated Perio Charting.
  • The voice commands for "Upper" and "Lower" now work in the Perio Comparison window.


  • The procedure codes have been updated to the CDT 2013 code set.
  • Procedures attached to Explode Codes now display the current description for User Defined procedures.

Third Party Integration

  • DAISY now provides a bridge to ClioSoft Imaging software.
  • DAISY now provides a bridge to Sopro Imaging software.

Online Eligibility

  • Eligibility is now available for Regence of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and for Assuris.

Statement Manager

  • The Statement Manager window and Statement Manager Audit report now exclude accounts with credit balances if they have had no activity in the current billing cycle.
  • Credit transactions now display a minus sign on both the Statement Preview and Statement Review windows.

Clinical Details

  • It is now possible to delete a Clinical Note that is not attached to a patient.

User Interface

  • The Help Menu now includes a "What's New" link detailing the most recent update features.
  • Vertical scroll bars have been added in the Insurance Coverage and Insurance Company window's Notes tabs.
  • The Insurance Table download now occurs automatically on a weekly basis.

For support, please contact 800-368-6401 or 503-765-3471 or Live Chat.


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