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paperless document managementSave money and improve efficiency   

A paperless practice can save your staff time, free up office space, and most importantly, save you money. For example, electronic dental claims processing reduces your use of office supplies and cost for postage, while freeing up your employees. Meanwhile, paperless document management makes it quick and easy to look up patient records.

Revolutionize the way you work with electronic remittance, electronic claims processing and attachments, and document management software that truly lets you do more, all with a few clicks of your mouse.


Insurance payment posting

Say goodbye to the time- and paper-consuming task of insurance payments posting by hand. DAISY’s Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA 835) feature will save your staff time, and it also reduces your use of office supplies.

DAISY’s ERA Quick Post also lets you receive electronic Explanation of Benefit (EOB) statements or electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments. You’ll love the fast, automated process, not to mention less paperwork to deal with.



eRx - Electronic prescribing integrated in DAISY

Electronic prescribing is now available for DAISY, making it easier for dental offices to protect patient safety, enhance compliance, and boost efficiency.

Dentists and administrators can now process electronic prescriptions, check prescription history, identify the lowest cost option, and update records without ever leaving the patient’s side.

electronic prescribing for dentists


Electronic payments processing with DAISY InCharge

Now you can automatically post credit card and ACH (automatic clearing house) payments to DAISY practice management software, reducing the time spent processing payments. DAISY InCharge also eliminates the need to update and balance two systems.

electronic payments processing


Electronic claims attachments

Going paperless with electronic claims can save your dental practice money on postage and mailing supplies. It also makes faster work of claims processing. NEA’s FastAttach™ lets you electronically attach supporting documents or images to dental claims.

FastAttach works within DAISY, improving your staff’s productivity and reducing your spend on office supplies and shipping. Plus, when you use FastAttach with DAISY’s ERA services, your dental practice can completely eliminate manual claims submissions.



Document management

Imagine getting to all your patient files with just a few clicks of your mouse, from any DAISY-connected computer in your practice. DAISY’s document management software lets you store and manage digital files associated with your practice — no paper needed.

You’ll love a cleaner, clutter-free office and more space available for running your business, instead of for storing paper files. Your staff will no longer have to manually file records, and they’ll benefit from better organization.



Signature pads and scanners

Scan and organize all your dental practice’s paper records into digital files, making it easier to find what you need and saving valuable space in your office.

DMC helps you select and install electronic and backlit signature pads, as well as desktop scanners. Call up patient records in just a few seconds from any DAISY-connected computer in your practice — it’s that easy.