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real-time_eligibilitySave time and eliminate hassle with real-time benefit and eligibility information

Put an end to the waste of your dental office staff’s valuable time spent tracking down patient eligibility and benefit information on the phone.

Real-time eligibility is embedded in DAISY dental practice management software, so it’s right there when your front office staff needs it. This single-click feature, integrated right into DAISY, lets you see whether a patient is eligible for a procedure and check his or her benefits remaining.



Real time eligibility for dentistsNo more guesswork

Take the guesswork out of estimating a patient’s dental benefits. DAISY dental software lets your front office staff check eligibility and dental benefits prior to treatment, in real time.



Real time eligibility for dentistsSave valuable staff time

Dental eligibility features within DAISY software free up your front office staff from time-consuming eligibility and benefit checks. Now, they can focus more on providing great service to your patients and handling more important tasks.



Real time eligibility for dentistsNo phone calls or log ins

Imagine having no more phone numbers to look up or passwords to remember for log ins. DAISY real-time eligibility does away with frustrating, time-consuming calls to insurance companies to check dental benefits and eligibility. Real-time eligibility also eliminates the need to visit and log in to multiple insurance company websites.



Real time eligibility for dentistsWorks with 129 insurers

DAISY dental practice management software has access to 129 insurance companies nationwide, so your dental office staff can easily find the right one.


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