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XDR_SensorsSee more detail with XDR sensors

Give your patients a more informed diagnosis. XDR Digital X-Ray sensors give you industry-leading digital radiography with 26.3 line pair resolution that lets you see more detail. XDR digital sensors are also designed to maximize patient comfort and are built to last.

Simply plug XDR sensors into your computer and you’re ready to get dental X-rays right on your monitor, no USB converter box required. This user-friendly feature makes it easy to move about the practice without hauling around extra X-ray equipment.


Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to check out XDR sensors first hand.


High-contrast dental X-rays

If you were to take a digital X-ray of a penny using other dental X-ray equipment, would it show Lincoln’s facial features? XDR Digital X-Ray sensors beat the penny test, providing industry-leading contrast resolution that helps you better detect small lesions.

XDR digital sensors also give you excellent spatial resolution with 19 micron pixel size and minimal graininess.



Increased patient comfort

Keep your patients coming back. XDR sensors were designed to maximize patient comfort, helping improve the overall dental visit experience. Rounded corners are easier on your patients’ mouths, while a thin, 5.4 mm sensor plate and a 6 mm low-profile button offer greater comfort.


Durable digital sensors

XDR Digital X-Ray sensors are built to last. A thinner cord with a sturdier cord jacket is more rugged and is sealed at the sensor junction to protect against fluid and other contaminants. Robust vertical bitewings have bonded strain relief. You can also protect your investment with the option to service and repair cords.XDR_Sensor_cords 

Ergonomic design

Make taking dental X-rays faster and easier for both staff and patients. XDR digital sensors are plug-and-play, connecting directly to your computer via USB — no converter box needed. A snag-resistant cord and easier cleaning saves time for dental staff. The USB cord can easily extend dozens of feet for greater mobility. And XDR sensors feature superior electronic gain control for a wide range of exposures.


Check out XDR digital sensor technology first hand

Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to learn more about XDR inraoral sensors and how to enjoy a seamless, cost-effective and worry-free transition to a fully digital practice.