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Easily capture electronic signatures and documents

DMC goes beyond software to help you select and install equipment that helps your dental practice run smoothly. We sell everything you need to scan and organize your paper documents into digital files and capture electronic signatures — so you can enjoy the benefits of a truly paperless dental practice.

Going digital can free up storage space in your office and save your practice money on office supplies. It’s also more convenient. Having quick access to digital paperwork and electronic signatures can greatly improve your dental practice’s efficiency.

If you're thinking about investing in signature pads and scanners, you owe it to yourself to request a free estimate from our digital accessories expert.



DMC offers the following equipment for purchase, installation and support:


Electronic signature pad

Electronic signature pads

Easily capture and store all patient signatures for required documents electronically. An electronic signature pad connects directly to your computer via USB.




Backlit Signature PadBacklit signature pad

This backlit LCD electronic signature pad features a clear, bright display that you can see easily in any lighting condition.

This electronic signature pad displays “electronic ink” under the pen tip when signing for superior user comfort and more accurate, natural signatures. The LCD signature pad can also display text and graphics from the computer.


NeatScannerDuplex desktop scanner

Quickly organize and secure all your important information into digital files into your practice management software. A high-speed, duplex desktop scanner and digital filing system scans and intelligently organizes paper documents.

The system includes:

  •  Automatic document feeder
  •  Color or grayscale scanning
  •  Duplex scans (both sides of the paper at once)
  •  Scan: 10 business cards + 10 receipts + 10 letter-size documents, or 50 letter-size documents
  •  Scan area: 8.5” x 11” (up to 30” long)
  •  Scanner dimensions: 10.8” W x 7.5” D x 7” H
  •  Weight: 4.4 lbs
  •  AC power adapter


Dental X-ray scannerDental X-ray scanner

Flat bed photo scanner complete with transparency cover. Transparency cover holds light in, which allows you to scan X-rays, so that you can store and view your X-rays electronically on your computer.

The scanner includes:

  • Photo Scanning
  • Scans X-rays up to 8" x 10"
  • Transparency Adapter: 6" H x 19.8" W x 12.1" D

DocumentManagerTrainingDocument Manager training for practices with DAISY software

DAISY’s Document Manager makes it easy to store and manage all your practice’s documents electronically. To get the most out of this time-saving feature, DMC offers a consulting service to assist you in your transition to paperless practice. You can also receive hands-on Document Manager training, right at your office.



Our promise to you and your dental practice

As a single source for all your hardware and software needs, you’ll always know who to call. DMC gives you centralized technical support with one phone call — no more tracking down multiple vendors. And DMC technicians are available on-site when you need them.

If you're thinking about investing in signature pads and scanners, you owe it to yourself to request a free estimate from our digital accessories expert.