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The simple, powerful X-ray sensor

Need to go digital? It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. The Clio dental X-ray sensor from SOTA Imaging is easy to use and easy on your budget. Plus, your dental digital X-rays will be crisp and clear, shot after shot.

Simply plug XDR sensors into your computer and you’re ready to get dental X-rays right on your monitor, no USB converter box required. This user-friendly feature makes it easy to move about the practice without hauling around extra X-ray equipment.

Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to check out Clio sensors first hand.

Crystal clear dental digital X-rays

Clio sensors give you 20 line pairs per mm – and that means sharp images. Plus, you’ll get the very best diagnostic X-rays thanks to image enhancements from Cliosoft and SOTA POP (Proprietary Optimization Procedure).

Easy to use and touch-screen ready

Clio sensors are easy to use and compatible with most major imaging software.  SOTA Imaging’s touch-based software, Cliosoft, makes capturing dental images as easy as using your smartphone. Large colored buttons are perfect for your touch-screen tablet. Now you can simply tap to capture X-rays, edit images and get to just what you need.

Go wireless

With Clio sensors and Cliosoft imaging software you can now use a tablet or other mobile device with a USB port to capture images throughout your treatment areas.  This means you could greatly reduce the cost of needing computers in each treatment area by using a wireless sensor and tablet or mobile device to capture diagnostic images.

Why get it through DMC?

We’re your single source for digital diagnostic equipment. We know all about dental digital radiography, and we partner with equipment manufacturers to save you money. When you need to transition to a fully digital practice, you can rely on DMC to help you choose the best equipment, integrate it with your existing technology and provide fast technical support if you ever need it.

To learn more about the Clio X-ray sensor or to get a demo right in your office, schedule a consultation with a DMC dental imaging specialist.



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