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Amplify your existing business and gain new patients 

Getting patients in the door can be tough. They’re often too busy to remember to schedule regular appointments — and even worse, they may forget to show up for scheduled appointments. DAISY can help with appointment reminders and appointment confirmation, keeping your patients on schedule and your appointment book full.

For the dental practice that wants to grow, online marketing services can help bring in new patients. WEO Media, a DMC partner, offers websites for dentists and search engine optimization (SEO), plus social media and email marketing. All this helps new patients find you in an increasingly digital world.


Automated appointment confirmation

Keep patients from missing appointments and minimize lost time and revenue. DAISY’s AutoRemind delivers a phone call, text message or email to remind patients of upcoming appointments.

This valuable automated appointment notification and confirmation feature saves your staff from having to call each patient and is fully integrated into DAISY’s appointment book.


Dental practice marketing

Do you know how new patients are finding you? More and more, they’re going online to search for dental services. DMC’s partner, WEO Media, will help you win new patients through expert online marketing for dentists.

WEO Media offers dental practice websites and search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your website shows up in search results. You can also turn to WEO Media for email marketing campaigns, social media management and social networking tools to keep you engaged with patients.


Patient recall cards

Easily remind patients when they’re due for cleanings or check-ups. DMC can print, mail and track your patient recall cards from within DAISY’s Recall Manager.