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Use this easy method to create a new account for patients who already exist on another account (parental account or for a divorcing couple).

The new account will retain the same Default Provider, Fee Schedule, and Account Options as the original account. The Guarantor will be the same as the patient. If insurance is assigned to the patient on the original account, the information will transfer to the new account.


To Create a New Account from a Patient Account:

  1. From the Daisy toolbar, select Patient, search for and select the patient, and then click OK.
  2. In the Patient Screen, Click on File, choose New, and then select Account For…
  3. In the Select a Patient for this account, select the patient and click OK.
  4. Make necessary changes in the Personal Info screen. Information in yellow text field is required.
  5. Save and close the Personal Info window.
  6. The Guarantor will automatically be the same as the selected patient on the account. If the guarantor is not the patient, he/she may be deleted after another patient is added.
  7. Make necessary changes to the Insurance information.
  8. Return to the original account and remove the patient from this account by going to the patients tab, highlight the name and click on the minus sign. The deleted patient’s account history will remain in the ledger of the original account.

Modifying the New Account:  

  • Click the General tab to change account options.
  • To assign a different Guarantor: right click in the Guarantor area and choose Select Guarantor on Account. 
  • To change the Account provider, select a provider from the Provider drop-down list.
  • To change the fee schedule, select a fee schedule from the Fee Schedule drop-down list.
  • Add or delete insurance coverage as needed.

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