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The new CDT 2013 codes are now available for DAISY. Please refer to the CDT 2013 book or CD for a complete description of each code.

New Codes

There are 19 new diagnostic codes, 5 new restorative codes, 3 new periodontal codes, 5 new implant codes, 2 new oral surgery codes and one new adjunctive code.

Something to note is the inclusion of codes for cone beam systems.  There are also new codes for MRIs and ultrasound.  Two other items to note are the inclusion of codes for restorative failure repair and implant related procedures.

Each category has several new codes created.  The system has abbreviated those codes.  

Revised Codes

Thirty-seven codes have revised descriptions.   Most of the revised descriptions are concerning X-ray procedures, which have been revised to be more inclusive of digital radiographs.  See the CDT 2013 book for more detail.

Deleted Codes

Thirteen codes have been deleted, including D1203 and D1204. The new code, D1208 no longer differentiates between child and adult fluoride.

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