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The new CDT 2014 codes are available for DAISY users as of January 1st, 2014. 

Please refer to the CDT 2014 book or CD published by the ADA for a complete description of each code.

New Codes

CDT 2014 includes 29 new codes.  There are 6 new diagnostic codes, 1 new Preventative code, 3 new Restorative codes, 8 new Endodontics codes, 1 new Periodontics code, 4 new Prosthodontics (removable) codes, 1 new Maxillofacial Prosthetics code, 3 new Implant Services codes, 1 new Orthodontics code and  1 new Adjunctive code.

Please note that CDT 2014 includes caries risk assessment codes and sales tax code.  Also, overdenture codes were added that indicates the arch.

The CDT 2014 procedure code list in DAISY has the description abbreviated.  Please take the time to review the details of the procedure code explanation for correct utilization.

Revised Codes

CDT 2014 has 18 codes that have been revised.  The following codes did not change the description in DAISY, but the detailed description was revised in the CDT 2014 ADA guide.  The codes are D3410, D4263, D4264, D4920 and D7955.

Deleted Codes

CDT 2014 includes 4 codes that have been deleted.  The four codes are: D0363, D3354, D5860 and D5861.

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