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1311631293_checkGoal tracking

DAISY dental software tracks your practice goals to see whether you’re hitting your financial targets. Goal tracking helps you view daily, weekly or monthly totals of scheduled procedures, so you can compare it to your dental practice goals.

By tracking your goals, you can better schedule high-dollar procedures, fill provider and hygienist time, and make changes that increase the profitability of your practice.

See the goal tracking screen


1311631293_checkDocument Manager

Become 100% paperless with DAISY dental software’s Document Manager. Your practice’s data is easily organized, secure and at your fingertips.

Document Manager lets you eliminate your paper filing and storage, since all paper documents can be scanned, stored and easily accessed within the dental software.

DAISY dental management software can also capture digital signatures to be stored with each document, eliminating the need to track down and obtain hard-copy signatures. And to ensure signatures are always used properly, signed documents are stored in the dental software’s archives and can't be altered or deleted.



1311631293_checkMerge Doc

Whip out patient communications in a snap. Merge Doc makes it easier to keep in touch with your patients, building stronger long-term relationships.

Automatically pull patient data to customize thank-you and welcome letters, collection letters and other patient communications. You can print letters, forms and envelopes in Microsoft Word — ideal for quick and personal communication. No need to start from scratch each time. And because the dental software automates this process, you’ll have fewer typos, misspellings and other errors.

See the Merge Doc drop down menu


1311631293_checkTreatment planning

Easily track — and complete — patient treatment plans, resulting in more scheduled procedures, more income for your practice and better care for your patients. DAISY dental practice management software lets you create multiple treatment plans, with specific cost estimates, that can be broken into phases here.

Treatment planning helps you stay on top of patient scheduling. And because you can cross-reference procedures with a patient’s remaining insurance benefits, you can maximize the amount of treatment they receive before the end of their plan year.

Fully integrated with clinical charting software, treatment plans are easily organized and sorted, so you can quickly see which procedures have already been completed, as well as what remains to be scheduled.

DAISY dental software’s treatment planning tool helps you schedule more high-dollar, follow-up procedures that keep your schedule full and your patients healthier.

See the treatment planning screen


1311631293_checkQuick estimate

Save time and reduce the cost of billing with quick estimates from your dental management software. At the end of an appointment, your front office staff can simply click a button to see the patient portion of the bill.

Your practice gets paid immediately, so there’s no need to bill later. Information is already stored in the computer by the dental software, so you can get better accuracy and do away with the adding machine.

See the Quick Estimate screen


1311631293_checkSecurity features

Prevent fraud with the bullet-proof security features integrated into DAISY dental practice management software. Set access levels for employees based on their roles in the practice, improving security and decreasing user errors in your system.

DAISY dental software tracks activity by user in a log that creates a permanent audit trail that cannot be deleted. Your DAISY practice management database and backup files are fully encrypted to protect your patients’ confidential data.

All these security features and more come standard with our dental practice management software, giving you peace of mind, so you can focus on doing more of what you love.

See DAISY's security features


1311631293_checkPrescription writing software

DAISY includes prescription writing software that helps you avoid errors, writing accurate prescriptions quickly and easily. Record and print a prescription from any connected computer in the office. Or, if you have remote access, you have the option to record and print while working from home.

See the prescription writing screen


You can also access prescription information from your smartphone with DAISY’s new mobile web application, DAISY Mobile.


1311631293_checkDAISY clinical notes

Keep records safe, easy to find and available at the click of a mouse. DAISY clinical notes store records in a uniform format and feature electronic sign-off and review, so you won’t risk losing paper files during a busy day.

Working in DAISY also gives you peace of mind. If you ever must face a legal challenge, you'll be able to produce organized, legally defensible documentation to prove your case.

And when your day extends beyond 8 to 5, you still have access to all your patient records — from anywhere. You can access DAISY dental software from any computer remotely, 24/7, or from your smartphone with DAISY’s new mobile web application. Clinical notes within DAISY ensure you've got all the information you need to make decisions. Even when you're not in the office.

See the clinical notes screen


1311631293_checkAppointment scheduling

DAISY dental software also comes with comprehensive appointment scheduling. To learn more about DAISY’s appointment scheduling features, click here.



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