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paperless document managementStore and manage documents electronically with DAISY’s Document Manager

In a digital world, having all your dental practice’s documents organized electronically can dramatically improve efficiency and make your employees’ jobs easier. DAISY’s document management feature lets your office staff store and manage electronic copies of documents associated with your dental practice — safely and securely.


With DAISY’s paperless document management feature, documents can be attached to patients, providers, accounts or your dental practice in any of the following ways:

  •  Import a file into DAISY
  •  Scan a printed document
  •  Archive a DAISY report
  •  Archive a mail merge

Document managment for dentistsBecome a paperless practice

Enjoy the benefits of a paperless practice — free up physical storage space and spend less money on office supplies. DAISY’s paperless document management helps you significantly decrease the costs associated with filing and storing paper documents.

See the document management screen

Document managment for dentistsImprove office efficiency

Your staff can access documents from any computer running DAISY, and multiple people can review the same document, even if they are in different offices or cities, Plus, a tidy office and efficient staff make your practice more attractive to patients.


Document managment for dentistsManage and store documents in a variety of file formats

Import and save files as a wide range of file types:

  •  Documents, including PDF or Word files
  •  Email messages saved as a file
  •  Images, including JPG, PNG or TIF formats
  •  Spreadsheets
  •  PowerPoint presentations
  •  Audio files, such as WAV or MP3
  •  HTML files



It’s easy to scan documents — including X-rays and photos, registration forms, correspondence, etc. — directly into the DAISY archive, using your TWAIN-compliant office scanner. And any files stored in DAISY’s Document Manager cannot be altered ensuring your records remain accurate. 


Document managment for dentistsEnjoy a convenient, safe document management archive

Easily archive a copy of any DAISY report, a signed treatment plan, daily or monthly closing reports or other files. Everything in the archive is automatically backed up and can be backed up externally in multiple locations along with your DAISY database with DMC’s Redundant Backup Solution.


Document managment for dentistsKeep patient and business data confidential

Ensure that confidential patient information remains protected and is reviewed appropriately. Your practice can capture and use digital signatures to verify the integrity of documents. Digitally signed treatment plans help protect your practice in the case of patient disputes, reducing you liability.

Paperless document management takes advantage of DAISY’s advanced security controls which allow you to restrict access to certain files so only authorized staff can see protected documents here.


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